Calf: Bos Taurus with Craniofacial duplication

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Two heads, fused, but one endocranium and one foramen magnum that connected to a single neck and body. A very rare and beautiful specimen considering that the skulls are literally mirror images of one another. It appears to have been artistically created but really was molded and cast from a real skull. Custom Stand included.

This calf exhibits the rarest form of conjoined twinning known as Diprosopic Parapagus. This bizarre congenital defect results from the complete fusion of the bodies, limbs, necks and rear portions of the skulls of identical twins, with only their "faces" remaining to reveal their individual origins.

We had to show the underside of this unique specimen. Both mandibles were cast separately and attached to the skull in the correct anatomical position to match the original skull.

Cast measures: 8" Wide, 9" Long, 5" Deep

Two-faced Calf (Craniofacial duplication) $675.00

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