Triceratops femur (leg bone) with bite marks from a T.rex! cast replica

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Triceratops Bitten Femur cast replica.

The famous "Rex Biscuit", a Triceratops femur with more than 100 bite and scratch marks from a large carnivore.

This is an amazing specimen! Not only would it make an excellent addition to any collection, it provides a wealth of educational opportunities. This Triceratops femur dates from the late Cretaceous period. Major bite marks from a large carnivore, such as a T-rex, are readily apparent forming opposed punctures on both sides of the specimen.

In addition to the major bite marks, the femur is riddled with over one hundred smaller bites and scratches. Possibly illustrating parental behavior, the smaller bites and scratches could have been made by the offspring of the larger carnivore. Alternatively, the scratches and smaller bites could tell the story of scavenging in the late Cretaceous.

Triceratops femur cast measures 42" long.

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