Chirostenotes Claw Set cast replicas

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Chirostenotes (pronounced KIE-ro-Sten-o-teez, named from Greek 'narrow-handed') was an oviraptosaur from the late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. In life, the animal was about 9.5 feet long and 3 feet tall at the hips.

This is a cast of two Chirostenotes claws that were found together. The originals were collected in N.E. Montana's Hell Creek Formation. There was no restoration done to the fossils, both claws were near complete!

Item Size: Large Claw (3.25 inches along the top curve), Small Claw (2.5 inches along the top curve)

Composition: Solid plastic resin
Hand painted with acrylic clear coat.

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Chirostenotes Resin claws

Set of 2: $29 plus shipping