Hominid skulls and skeletons Exhibit Rental

Hominid skulls and skeletons Exhibit Rental

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There is not another exhibit like this anywhere.  

We include fossil cast replicas of 

Disarticulated Homo ergaster Skeleton, KNM-WT 15000 "Nariokotome Boy",

Homo ergaster Skeleton.

Lucy skeleton

Lucy skull reconstruction

A. boisei skull

A. robustus skull

Homo rudolfensis skull KNM-ER 1470

Homo erectus

Java man Skull Cap

Neanderthal skull



Neanderthal (Skull and partial skeleton)

Homo ergaster (Skull and skeleton, unassembled)

Homo habiis Skulls and jaw 

Australopithecus afarensis Skull and partial skeleton

Australopithecus africanus skull and partial skeleton.

Laetoli Hominid footprint track

Gorilla Skull and Death casts.

Gorilla hand or foot casts

Chimpanzee Skull and pelvis

Chimpanzee unassembled skeleton

Baboon skull and Death cast



Any many many more items...




Rental price $500 (plus shipping) for up to 2 months. 


Would you like to rent multiple items? We can create an affordable rental package for you.

Let us know what we can put together for you.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us at fossils@yahoo.com for more photos or information.

This skeleton is also available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.